Tennessee Recycling Coalition

The Tennessee Recycling Coalition began in 1990 from members of a subcommittee for the Tennessee Environmental Council, who had similar interests in recycling. After organizing and planning three annual recycling conferences, TRC was officially established as a non-organization dedicated to promoting recycling and sustainable materials management practices in Tennessee. There are currently 12 board of directors that reside over TRC, which is comprised of businesses, government agencies, cities and counties, non-profits, trade organizations, educational institutions, and individuals.

The purpose of TRC is to promote reuse and recycling in Tennessee. They accomplish this through education and outreach, partnerships, and various programs.

Each year, TRC hosts an annual conference in collaboration with the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The conference is called the Environment, Energy & Recycling Conference and focusses on:

• Statewide Recycling Updates, New Technologies, and the Status of Commodity Markets

• Environmental Regulation and Policy

• Energy Efficiency and Opportunities

• Composting

Current initiatives:

• TRC partners with SWANA TN Chapter and the TN Training Academy to hold Recycling Managing and other related classes every year.

• Coming soon is the Education and Outreach page of the website and a grant application to apply for recycling bins if you are a college, school, or government agency.

• TRC is a Collaborating Organization for the 2022 National Recycling Congress event this year.

• TRC is a member of the Southeast Development Recycling Council (SERDC).

• TRC partners with the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry for our Annual Conference.

• TRC partners with KTNB as a sponsor on their conferences.

Reducing food waste is a major part of TRC’s mission. The past two years, they have had an entire conference track focused on composting. This year’s track was composed of four different breakout sessions which included:

• Growing Food Scrap Diversion: A Case Study on Adding Food Waste as a Feedstock to Existing Compost Operations

• A Case Study of Knoxville & Memphis’ Composting Journey

• Composting at the Collegiate Level: A case Study of University of Tennessee & University of Memphis

• Compost: Benefits & Uses

They also have Laura Howard as a TRC Board Member. She is the current President of the Tennessee Composting Council and brings extensive knowledge and energy to the coalition regarding composting and food waste.

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2022 - 7:23:26