Lupi’s Pizza - Farm to Restaurant to Farm

Lupi’s Pizza Pies first opened its doors in 1996 in Downtown Chattanooga and has since expanded to Hixson, East Brainerd, Cleveland, and Ooltewah. Since then, owner, Dorris Shober has strived to implement and maintain environmental stewardship throughout the restaurant’s daily operations. From farm to restaurant to table, Lupi’s food goes full circle. The ingredients used at Lupi’s Pizza are sourced locally and through their farm, Flying Turtle Farm just over the line in Cloudland, GA, and pre-consumer waste is taken back to their farm to be fed to their pigs. Other products they use in their restaurant, they strive to keep it local. They receive their eggs from Original Pilgrim’s Products, tomatoes from Signal Mountain Farm, ground sausage from NGD Farm, ground beef from Myer’s Farm, wheat flour from Sonrisa Farms, and cheddar cheese from Sweetwater Valley Farms.

Lupi’s Pizza Pies focuses on reducing food waste, and promoting that thorough their business, to their customers. They provide staff with training on food waste reduction and food donation and provide organic/food scrap specific collection receptacles on site for staff to place pre-consumer food waste. This waste—approximately 60 5-gallon buckets per week—is taken to their farm and fed to the pigs. Lupi’s has adopted new practices for food purchasing that have resulted in reduce food waste and have also adopted new practices for using right-sized cooking quantities to minimize post-consumer food waste. They also cook in small batches and cook to order, and offer flexible portion sizes, such as a mini calzone. This also helps to decrease post-consumer food waste. Any post-consumer waste that they have is composted with NewTerra Compost, making Lupi’s operations zero waste to landfill! Through NewTerra, Lupi’s has diverted 49,976.60 pounds of food waste from the landfill.

Lupi’s Pizza owner, Dorris Shober displays exceptional leadership throughout every part of her business, from the training of her employees in the restaurant and on the farm to ensuring a pleasant experience of her customers. It is beyond what you would expect of a pizza place, and truly shows that any restaurant can reduce their waste, if they put in the hard work and dedication.

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2022 - 2:18:15