Grow Food, Not Landfills

Compost, it’s a natural solution to food waste and landfills reaching capacity. Many people think that food decomposes and turns into compost no matter where it is, unfortunately that’s not true. Food waste in the landfill rots and produces a potent greenhouse gas called methane, which has negative effects on our environment. However, when you compost, you reduce the methane production, which lessens your environmental impact and produces a usable and natural plant fertilizer.

So now you’re convinced to change your ways with food, where do you start? Cue in Compost Nashville. Compost Nashville was started by Matthew Beadlecomb in 2014. He had two friends who wanted him to compost for them and a Toyota Camry. Since then, they have grown to service over 1,800 residential and nearly 100 businesses in the greater Nashville area, as well as providing composting services for festivals, farmers markets, weddings, and other events. They even source compostable goods for restaurants and events to help close the loop.

They make it easy for you to be more environmentally friendly in just four steps. When you sign up, you get a 4-gallon container, where you put your food scraps. Once a week you leave your bin outside on a predetermined day and Compost Nashville will pick it up (leave you with a clean container) and take it to the processing facility to be turned into rich compost by their partner The Compost Company. The final step is they will deliver complimentary compost to you twice a year to use in your own garden or yard. If you don’t have somewhere to use it, you can choose to donate it. If you’re a business, Compost Nashville can help you as well based on your needs and the size of your business.

What can be composted? You might be surprised to learn that you can put more than just food scraps in your bin. Unlike a backyard compost bin, a commercial composting facility can take compostable containers, compostable plastics, napkins, cardboard, pet hair, meat, dairy, and more! You can find a comprehensive list on their website. Some things unfortunately cannot be composted, and can contaminate a pile of compost, such as fruit and vegetable stickers, plastic bags, and even pet waste.

Compost pick-up is not the only thing Compost Nashville does to help keep food out of the landfill. They also educate citizens on food waste and compost related topics through their website, newsletter, social media channels, and answer many questions via email. Education also happens through events staff attend, whether it is educating employees at businesses, students at schools, or providing compost donations to local farms and community gardens.

Compost Nashville Stats to date:

Pounds of food diverted from landfill since 2014: 7,354,178

Pounds of food diverted from landfill this year already: 871,043

Number of residents composting: 1,811

Number of businesses composting: 95

Last Updated: Jun 15, 2022 - 1:36:00